FAQ About Matric Results 2022 in South Africa

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FAQ About Matric Results 2022 in South Africa


FAQ About Matric Results 2022 in South Africa


Matriculation (or matriculation) is the final year of high school in South Africa, as well as the qualification gained upon graduation from high school and the minimal university entrance requirements. In 1858, the University of the Cape of Good Hope held the first regular examination in South Africa.



Q. When I got my results at school, I saw that my name, last name, date of birth, or ID number was wrong. How should I act?

A If you want your certificate to be correct, you must send in a certified copy of your ID along with your results within 30 days of the results being released and before the results are certified.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can get a new copy of the correct advice of results mailed to me?

A Within 5 working days, the changed statement of results should be available.

Q Does it cost anything?
A It doesn’t cost anything.
Q The advice I got at school does not match the results I got on the Internet.
A Please tell me which subject(s) don’t match what’s on the internet. A person in charge of the exam will check the results and ask the student to send in his or her statement of results.
Q My school does not have my results. Please reprint the results and send them to me.
A Only seven (7) days after the results are made public can individual statements be printed.
Q. These codes are on my statement of results. What do they mean?
A National Senior Certificate (NSC/BACH) gives you the right to study for a Bachelor’s degree.


NSC/DIP stands for National Senior Certificate/Diploma, which lets you study for a diploma.
NSC/HC: National Senior Certificate/Higher Certificate. This makes you eligible to study for a higher certificate.
The National Senior Certificate (NSC) was only
National Senior Certificate/Learner with Special Educational Needs (NSC/LSEN)
NOT MET – doesn’t meet the requirements for the National Senior Certificate
INCOMPLETE – package of 6/ 7 subjects (depending on curriculum,) not given out
CODES 999 = absent 888 = change of subject


777 – outstanding mark
zz: end (irregularity) px: nothing and nothingness (irregularity)
mo – marks outstanding
Q I took my National Senior Certificate tests in November in a different province. Can I get my test results in the Western Cape?
A Yes, you do have to fill out an application form, pay the fee, and send in a copy of your ID.


Q I took the National Senior Certificate tests in November 2009 in another province and in 2010 in your province. Can I get my combined results in Western Cape?
A Yes. Fill out an application form, which you can find on our website or at the head office of the Provincial Education Department, and pay the fee.

Q: When is the last day to sign up for Supplemental Exams?

A 21 days after the results are made public, or on January 21.


Q: When do we start the test?

A You can find the timetable on our website or at the head office of the Provincial Education Department. Most of the time, the supplementary exams are held from the middle of February to the end of March.
Q When do I write about each subject separately?
A Two (2) weeks before the tests start, letters of acceptance will be sent out.
Q When will we be able to see the results?
A About the end of April, you will be able to see the results.
Q How many of my classes can I retake in the supplementary exams?
A You can only change up to two subjects.
Q I took the National Senior Certificate tests in November 2010 in a province other than mine. Can I take additional tests in the Western Cape?
A No. It will show up as an incomplete result because the final results need marks from another province’s School-Based Assessment.


Q In 2008 and 2009, I took the National Senior Certificate tests. Do I have what it takes to take the upcoming supplementary exams in March?
A. No, only people who took the November tests the year before are allowed to take the supplementary tests.
Q. I had to take the November National Senior Certificate exams again, and I did so in two subjects. Can I take the supplementary exams in March?
A: Yes, repeat students can take the supplementary tests.


Life Orientation was the only class I did not pass. Can I sign up for the supplemental test in March?
A Yes, Life Orientation is a test that the school you went to gives you. The Provincial Education Department is where candidates must sign up. By the end of March, the department must have the better moderated grade.
Q I passed all of my classes, but my grades were lower than what my school thought they should be. Do I have what it takes to take the supplementary exams?
A Yes, but only for studies that have been approved and need better grades.
Q I passed all of my classes (NSC/Bachelors), but I need a higher pass score to get into college and study more. Do I have what it takes to take the supplementary exams?
A Yes, as long as you show proof that you meet the requirements.
Q Where can I get a form to sign up for the March make-up exams?
A Forms to sign up for the supplementary exams can be found at the offices of the Provincial Education Department, in secondary schools, or on the website of the department.
Q During the November tests, I did not write Paper 2 for a subject. Can I just write that paper over again?
A You can only write the paper you missed during the November exam if the irregularity committee says you can or if you were sick and couldn’t take the test. In all other cases, a candidate must rewrite all papers that have been written (i.e., Home Language Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3).



Q: When is the last day to request a remark?

A The deadline to ask for a re-mark is 21 days after the results are released.
Q What do you need to do and how much does it cost to apply for re-marking?
A Fill out an application form, which you can get from the department’s website, the head office, or secondary schools. On the back of your advice of results, it says how much you have to pay to get your paper remarked.
Q: When will we be able to see the results of the remarking?
A After the deadline for remarking requests has passed, the results will be available in three to four weeks. Most of the time, the last day to ask for a remark is around January 21.

Q Can I send in my application online?
A No.
Q Will the remark results be ready before the last day to sign up for the supplementary exams?
A Those who want a remark should also sign up for the supplementary tests at the same time.
Q In the Eastern Cape, I wrote. Can I ask for a re-mark and pay for it in the Western Cape?
A No, the province where you went to school did the marking and moderation. The Western Cape Education Department can’t see how other provinces’ tests are written.
Q: What’s the difference between a remark and a recheck?
A A script is re-marked when it is re-evaluated by a department-authorized person who was not the first person to evaluate it. A script is re-checked to make sure that all questions are marked and added/calculated correctly. This is done by a person in charge of assessing.
Q: How do you figure out who needs a refund after a return?
A If the level achieved goes up, candidates will get their money back (i.e. from 3-4 or 2-3).
Q: When and how will my money be returned?
A The application fee will be put back into the bank account you listed on your BAS form.
Q What steps do I need to take to see my answer book?
A You have to ask for a remark or recheck first, and then you have to send a written request for a review. On the back of your statement of results, it says what fees you have to pay.



Q: When will I be able to get my National Senior Certificate?
A Those who took the NSC exams in November can get their certificates at the school they went to during the month of June.
Q Will it be sent to me by mail?
A Please go to the school you went to and get your National Senior Certificate.
Q. I don’t have an ID, so I took the tests in November 2009 using my mother’s last name. In November 2010, I wrote with the correct last name, which was my father’s. Will my last name be on my National Senior Certificate?
A Your personal information from your last exam will be used, unless you send in paperwork to change it. This has to be asked for within six (6) months of the results being made public. You have to fill out an application form, send in a copy of your ID that has been certified, show proof from the Department of Home Affairs, and pay the fee.
Q. My results say “incomplete,” but I turned in all of my assignments. When can I expect a full result?
A Your results or a response will be sent to you by mail in three to six weeks, as long as you fill out a mark outstanding form.
Q: How do I know that the Department used my CASS (School-Based Assessment) mark? My results are lower than my CASS marks at school.
Marks on a School-Based Assessment (CASS) are recorded by an official, and another official checks them to make sure the results are correct. It will be checked, though, if asked.
Q: I took the National Senior Certificate tests in 2008, 2009, and 2010, but I need a combined score. How long will it take to get it?
A 6-8 weeks.
Q Will my certificate show that my grades got better in the extra tests if I took them?
A Yes, if your grades went up in the retakes, the higher percentage will be written on the certificate.
Q: When do my School-Based Assessment scores become invalid?
A The School Based Assessment is good for three years, until 2014.
Q: How long do I have to try again if I fail Life Orientation?
A You have until March of the following year to do better on the Life Orientation test.
Q: How long do my credits for the National Senior Certificate last?
A Your NSC credits will always be valid, but if you want to retake the tests to get better grades, your School Based Assessments will only be good until 2014.
Q: Why don’t my scores in Computer Applications Technology (50%) and Life Orientation (50%) count toward getting into a Bachelor’s degree program?
A Applicants with a National Senior Certificate must get at least a 4 (50%) in each of four school subjects on the list of university admission subjects (designated list of subjects) to be able to study at the degree level. Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, Engineering Graphics and Design, Geography, History, Information Technology, Languages (one language learned and taught at a higher education institution and two other recognized language subjects), Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Music, Physical Sciences, Religion Studies, and Visual Arts are on the list.
Q: Why does Computer Applications Technology count as a subject for Diploma pass but not for Bachelor’s pass?
A Computer Applications Technology isn’t one of the 20-credit subjects that are recognized.
Q: Where can I find information about my child’s school or the top 100 students in the province?
A The only people who can ask the system administrator for this kind of information are schools or the Directorate: Assessment.



Q: My score says “incomplete,” but as an immigrant, I’m only required to learn one official language. What do I need to do, and when will it be fixed?
A Your status for entry will be checked on the exam system, as long as you have the right documents for approval. If it is accepted, your results will be changed and the new ones will be made public.
Q. If I had to write in November 2008, what books would I have to do?
A The list of books that have to be read can be found at www.westerncape.gov.za.
Q How do I change my application as a private candidate?
A You can choose a high school or middle school in your area or district. In your letter of acceptance, the department will tell you where you will do your final writing.



Q: How do I apply for a teachers’ certificate, diploma, statement, or transcript?
A You can get an application form from our website or from our main office. Attach a copy of your ID and pay the required fee when you fill out the application.
Q How much does it cost?
A On the application form, it says how much the fee is.
Q: Can I get a copy of my diploma or certificate in the Western Cape if I got it in another province?
A Depending on where you went to college, you will be told where you can get a copy.
Q How long do I have to wait to get a copy of my diploma, certificate, statement, or transcript?
A 6-8 weeks.
Q What proof of results can I get if I’m leaving my country?
A A transcript.
Q If I owe money to a college and didn’t get my diploma because of it, what do I need to do to get it?
A Before a diploma can be given out, the payment must be set up with the finance department.
Q Can you give me a copy of a diploma from college?
A No.
Q What kind of proof can I get if I didn’t do well on a test?
A: You can ask for a statement of results.
Q: If I live overseas, can someone else apply for me?
A: Yes, but only if you have a letter of authorization (Power of Attorney).
Q. How do I get a copy of my diploma or certificate if the college I went to closed down?
A The department will look on the system to see if your results are there.


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