Download Salary Slip Online Tanzania – Government Employee

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Download Salary Slip Online Tanzania – Government Employee



What exactly is a Salary Pay Slip? An employee wage slip is a monthly document that an employee receives from their company. It includes information ranging from the gross wage to the net take-home income and deductions. Each month, the wage slip is mailed to you once your company has paid you.

What is the significance of a Salary slip?

It displays their total earnings less deductions for items like taxes. Payslips detail earnings from salary, hourly pay, or commission. They also provide information such as: tax withheld.

Register for the Salary Slip Portal | Login for the Salary Slip 2022/2023. Salary Slip Jinsi Ya Kupata, Salary Slip Online Form, Salary Slip Tanzania Download Employees are given a salary slip, also known as a pay slip, to record their monthly pay and allowances. It is a document that informs employees about their income and deductions, which vary from employee to employee. In this piece.

Government of Tanzania The Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOF) has created an e-government system that allows all public employees to obtain their monthly salary slips online via the Salary Slips Portal platform.

All you need to do is Register if you haven’t already, or Sign in if you already have an account.


Registering on the WATUMISHI Portal system is required in order to obtain a Salary Certificate. You will be able to view your service information on this WATUMISHI system.




Things to Consider if you want to apply for Salary Slip Tanzania

  • Recognize your full names
  • If you don’t have to open it, be sure you have an email.
  • Be aware of your check number.



This method offers Tanzanian government employees a whole new option to apply for Payslips or Salary Slip online. The online payslip service may be used in a variety of ways.

You must first register and give an email address before you can see your online payslips. You may acquire your pay stub by doing the following.


How To Register For The Salary Slip Portal Membership Form (Government Employee Only)

  • Ensure that all of your information matches Lawson System.
  • If you have questions about your information, please contact your HR Officer.
  • For more support, please call +255262160000
  • Fields marked * are necessary




Registration information required for Salary Slip

Number of the check

Your surnames

The birthdate

Vote (for example 88Z2)

Subvote (eg 5007)

Register your bank account

Salary Range (full of TGTS, TGS, n.k)

Grade of Salary (filling B, C, D, E, e.g.)

Steps in Salary (will fill 1,2,3 nk)

When you have successfully registered, you will be taken to the next page to complete it.

Email address

Phone number


Please Go Here Register for salary slip site 2022/2023

How to Access the Salary Slip Portal In Tanzania

To log in to the system, you simply need two things:

Username or check number Password

Please Go Here Login to the salary slip portal in 2022/2023.



Governmental portal for salary slips

By logging into the new Government Salary system, you may now obtain your pay stub.

The focal points of this System are:

Verify the Mtumishi number.

full names as they appear in the Lawson system for HCMIS Human Resources.
born on [date]

Voting code, alternate voting code, and bank account where you received your pay.

to understand the salary scale, grade, and step.

a live email.

The links Salary Slip below will take you there.

Visit OR to register.

Click here to sign in if you are a subscriber to the Government Salary Slip Portal:
Contact: for more assistance.




Tanzania’s Ministry of Finance Vision

Achieved and sustained high and equitable economic growth, macroeconomic stability, prudent financial management, and accountability.

Promoting macroeconomic stability, sustainable and shared economic growth, and careful financial management while boosting professionalism and making the most use of ICT
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is a primary ministry in charge of the supervision and accounting of public finances as well as the mobilization and distribution of financial resources. Finally, it is in charge of servicing the public debt as well as serving as the custodian of government assets. Our primary duties are, in brief, as follows:-

Collection of funds and control of spending
creation of financial and monetary plans and policies
Management and mobilization of outside resources
management of public investments and government property.
Physical Location
Our offices are in Dar es Salaam and are available to the public starting at 9:00 a.m. on weekdays from 07.30 to 15.30. They are situated at the intersection of Madaraka Avenue, Luthuli, and Shabaan Robert Streets. This is our postal address:

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs’ Permanent Secretary, PO Box 9111, Dar es Salaam.
Email: [email protected] Phone: (+255) 022 2111174-6 Fax: (+255) 022 2110326

For Tanzanian government employees, the salary slip portal offers a brand-new option to apply for a payslip online. There are several applications for the online payslip service.

You must first register and supply an email address before you can view your online payslips. Through the following websites, you may get your paystub.



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