Download Nida Namba Yangu – Apply Online Now

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Download Nida Namba Yangu – Apply Online Now

The National Identification Authority (Establishment) Instrument, 2008 established the National Identification Authority (Establishment) with the mission of registering and issuing identity cards to Tanzanian citizens and eligible non-citizens aged 18 and up in accordance with the Registration and Identification of Persons Act, (Act No.11 of 1986) Revised Edition 2012.

NIDA has begun registering and issuing identity cards to qualified non-citizens in the Dar es Salaam area since September 2016, and the program has now been formally expanded to all eligible non-citizens throughout the nation starting on March 6, 2017. In this respect, NIDA would like to remind all Legal Residents who have been in Tanzania for more than six months as defined by their residence permits as of the date of this notification to participate in the Registration and Identification of Persons exercise as required by law.

It is the responsibility of every eligible resident who is a non-citizen over the age of 18 and who falls within the category of qualified legal residents to apply for registration at the specified and nearest NIDA Office, i.e. NIDA District Offices located throughout the country – Tanzania Mainland. Any person who violates, fails to comply with, or refuses to comply with any provision of the law commits an offence, according to the law.

An application for registration and issue of identity cards to qualifying legal residents is subject to payment of a fee determined by the legal resident’s category, as follows:


How do I order NIDA online?What is NIDA?How do I use it? How do I access it? How do I obtain it? How do I get my identity card online?
  1. You may go to and on the menu region,
  2. Click on “Identity Card Online Copy.
  3. Then answer the questions and write your National Identification Number (NIN).
  4. After that, you can download it.



Preview & Print
  1. Obtain introduction letter (Kivukoni) D. Submit application for NIDA ID Card (3) expand_more expand_less.
  2. Verify citizenship. D.
  3. Submit the application and undertake Bio-metric finger print. D.
  4. Obtain NIDA ID Card.

How do you get Namba ya Nida Through SMS?

The National Identity Authority (NIDA) introduced a new procedure to get NAMBA YA NIDA (NIN) for free through short message service (SMS) when sending your information to 15096 to get this service. The PDF file is below.


Legal residents are eligible for NIDA card if they have valid national passport and valid residence permit of not less than six months. Legal Residents dependents of 18 years and above are also eligible to get the ID. NIDA ID card is a prerequisite for business registration in Tanzania

Get another National Identity Card after the original loss / damage/Kuomba NIDA Mpya

There are various steps that need to be taken by an applicant who has lost a National Identity Card to get another one and there is a small cost the applicant will have to contribute. The following are as follows:

The applicant is required to submit a police form of loss of property / property, to the NIDA registration office of the district where you are registered or close to you so that you can get a special bank payment number (controll number),

Take the special bank payment number as well as the CRDB, NMB and NBC bank accounts. 0250440193000 provided to NIDA and make payment of TZS 20,000 / =. The first identification service is free, when you lose you have to contribute to the cost.

Submit the police property loss form and payment receipt to the NIDA Registration Office to complete the remaining procedures for the start of printing of the new ID.


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NIDA Registration Form 2020 | FOMU ZA USAJILI NIDA | Free Download Click Here!



Available Services are:
1. Self Service. This service is for citizens who want to request for their National Idenfitification Number (NIN), Generate Control numbers for payments of ID replacements and print their bills.
2. Verification. This is for NIDA stakeholders who provide services to their customers by verifying customer information through NIDA database.
3. Reconciliation. This service allows NIDA stakeholders to download reconcilliation files recorded during customer verification through CIG.

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