Dirisha la Usajili Vyuo Vikuu 2022/23 TCU Admission Bachelor Degree

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Dirisha la Usajili Vyuo Vikuu 2022/23 TCU Admission Bachelor Degree



1.0 Introduction
The Tanzania Colleges and Universities Commission (TCU) would like to inform the public, Institutions of
Higher Education and all Higher Education Stakeholders at home and abroad to be
following the announcement of the results of the Form Six Examination, Commission
has opened the admission application window for Undergraduate applicants
effective today on 8/7/2022 instead of the scheduled 15/7/2022
original. This window will be open until 05/8/2022.

The Commission encourages all applicants for admission to continue to receive accurate information
via the TCU website www.tcu.go.tz, websites of licensed colleges
Undergraduate students, as well as various information provided
and TCU through the media.


Similarly, the Commission calls on applicants for admissions and the general public
attending the 17th Higher Education, Science and Technology Exhibition
to be held at Mnazi Mmoja Stadium, Dar es Salaam where
they will have the opportunity to meet face to face with the Colleges of Higher Education. Exhibitions
these will take place from July 18 to July 23, 2022.


2.0 Procedure for Submitting Admission Application for the Academic Year 2022/2023
2.1 Groups of Applicants for Admission

Applications for Admission to Undergraduate Degree apply three groups of applicants:

a) Qualified Form Six qualifications;
b) Qualified Diploma (Ordinary Diploma), or qualifications
symmetrical; and
c) Eligible for the Certificate of
Open University of Tanzania

To understand the qualifications for the three categories mentioned above, applicants are instructed to read the criteria indicated in the textbooks TCU (Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2022/2023) available on the TCU website www.tcu.go.tz.

2.2 Procedure for Submitting Application for Admission

a) Applications should be sent directly to the colleges where the applicant is applying she has selected and selected her favorite study programs. Guide to approved applications for admission and eligibility criteria
(Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2022/2023) available on the TCU website www.tcu.go.tz.
b) Specific instructions on how to submit applications are provided by colleges

2.3 Criteria and Qualifications of Applicants for Admission

Criteria and features in various study programs are available in TCU (Undergraduate Admission manuals)
Guidebooks for 2022/2023) on the TCU website www.tcu.go.tz.


2.4 Key Issues to Be Considered by Applicants

a) Read the admission manual provided by TCU carefully and
understand before you start sending any application for admission;
b) Log in to college websites to find out application procedures;
c) Sending applications directly to colleges through systems
electronically set by the respective colleges;
d) Contact the colleges directly and get detailed information
about study programs for self-satisfaction before sending
application; and
e) Applicants with certificates issued by examinations councils outside
countries must submit their certificates to the Examinations Council of Tanzania
(NECTA) for Certificates of Secondary Education or National Council of
Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET) for certification
Diploma courses to obtain certification for the compatibility of their qualifications before
submit an application for admission.
3.0 Caution
The Commission calls on all undergraduate applicants, if any
they will need to get clarification on any issue related to admission, contact one
for one and the respective colleges. In addition, if they need an overview they can
contact TCU by email es@tcu.go.tz.

TCU urges citizens to avoid being misled by people who call themselves agents or
Claiming counselors provide services on how to join colleges of education
up here in the country.

Issued by:
Prof. Charles D. Kihampa

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Building, S.L.P 6562, 7 Magogoni Street, 11479 Dar es Salaam,
Phone: +255 22 2113694, 2113691, Nukushi: +255 2113692, Email: es@tcu.go.tz, Website: www.tcu.go.tz

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