Day of the Dead: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

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Day of the Dead: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

How to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos: The Mexican Day of the Dead


Day of the Dead: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

The Day of the Dead is a celebration that takes place each year on November 2, and it’s also known as the Festival of the Souls. It’s a time when people remember their departed loved ones and honor their memory. In many parts of Latin America, this festival has become quite popular in recent years.


It is believed that during this time, the souls of the departed return to their homes to visit their loved ones and help with harvesting. The dead are believed to stay with us for about another 40 days after which they go back to their eternal resting place. In this article, we will look at some interesting facts about the Day of the Dead festival and its traditions:

While most cultures celebrate this festival on November 2, it’s actually a month-long celebration.

The origins of this festival can be traced back to the ancient Aztecs. According to them, this festival is a commemoration of the death of the god, known as “Huitzilopochtli”.


It’s said that this god sacrificed his life to ensure the survival of his people. In return, they honored his memory by observing this festival.


As a result of which, this festival is spread over a month-long period. During this period, people remember their departed loved ones and celebrate the time when their spirits come back to visit them. The first 10 days of this festival are dedicated to the goddess “Mictlantecuhtli”. After this period, the celebration moves on to the eve of “All Saints’ Day”. Day of the Dead: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know


The altar is the main attraction during the Day of the Dead.

The altar is an important part of the celebration. It usually has pictures of the deceased and other items that have significance. Many flowers and other plants are kept on the altar as they’re believed to have healing properties. Food items are also kept on the altar. Traditionally, tamales are kept here as it helps to feed the spirits of the deceased. Similarly, water is also kept on the altar. The altar is set up not only in the house, but also in cemeteries. The spirits of the deceased visit both places and get the chance to eat and drink whatever is kept on the altar. Interestingly, the altar is also kept in the house to receive the spirits of the deceased. In some places, the altar is also kept in shops, restaurants and other public places.


People celebrate the day by adorning their loved one’s graves with flowers, food and other items.

On this day, people visit the graves of their loved ones and leave gifts. In some places, people even prepare feasts for their dead relatives and friends. They decorate the graves with flowers, candies and other items that the spirits of the dead can enjoy. Traditionally, marigold and roses are used for this purpose. Some people also create altars at their loved one’s graves.


The celebration doesn’t end here; people also hold feasts during this time.

During the festival, people also hold feasts to feed and please the spirits of their dead relatives. For example, in some places, they prepare “pan de muerto”, which is a type of sweet bread specially made to feed the spirits. Apart from sweet bread, they also prepare “atole”, which is a type of hot beverage.


They believe that these are the most suitable foods for the spirits of the dead. Moreover, people also prepare food items like tamales, sweet tamales, and “sopes” (which is a type of a small bread). “Sopa de los Muertos” is also another popular dish served on this occasion. It’s a corn meal soup that gets served with “hallacas”, which is a type of tamale.


Dressing up in skeleton masks and costumes is another highlight of this celebration.

On this day, people wear skeleton masks and costumes. They are often seen in various parts of Mexico, Guatemala, and other Latin American countries. While people wear these masks and costumes for various reasons, it is a part and parcel of this festival.


Skeleton costumes are made of fabric and are worn during special events like schools, colleges, and parties. Skeleton masks are basically used for decoration purposes. Children often wear them during parties, and adults use them during special events and parties.


Sugar skulls are another popular item that gets produced during this time.

Another important item that is produced during this festival is “pan de muerto” or “sugar skulls”. These are made out of sugar, and they are eaten by people during the festival.


Apart from being consumed, these are also used for decoration purposes. As the name suggests, these are made in the shape of a skull and are dyed in various colors. Some designs even have the name of the person written on them. These skulls are not just eaten in Mexico, but they are also exported to other countries.


Where Is The Day of the Dead Celebrated?

The Day of the Dead is celebrated in many Latin American countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Southern parts of the United States, like Texas and California. In Mexico, this celebration is very popular, and it has become a huge tourist attraction. People from places outside of Latin America also visit Mexico during this time.


Why Do People Celebrate the Day of the Dead?

The main reason why people celebrate the Day of the Dead is to remember their departed loved ones and honor their memory. It is believed that the spirits of the dead visit people on this day and help them with their work. Apart from remembering the dead, people also celebrate this festival to welcome the autumn season.


What Does Celebrating the Day of the Dead Entail?

As we’ve seen, there are many things that people do on this day. Some of them are: – Talking to loved ones who have passed away: This is one of the most common ways to celebrate this festival.


People talk to their dead relatives and try to communicate with them through meditation. They also try to see if they can get any signs of their presence. – Making altars: In this celebration, people make altars with various items.


The items include flowers, food items, candles, and photographs of the deceased.

– Making sugar skulls: Sugar skulls are made on this day and are given as gifts to loved ones.

– Decorating graves of the loved ones: People decorate the graves of their loved ones with flowers, candles, and other items. They also leave food items, such as, tamales, and atole, for their deceased relatives.

– Preparing special foods: People prepare special foods, such as, “sopes” and “sopa de los muertos”.



We’ve looked at many interesting facts about the Day of the Dead festival. This festival is celebrated in many Latin American countries and is a great way to remember and honor our departed loved ones. From the facts that we’ve seen, it’s clear that the Day of the Dead is a celebration like no other.

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