Consultant at IntraHealth June, 2021

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Consultant at IntraHealth June, 2021

MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics (MSSFPO) seeks to sustainably strengthen surgical safety within maternal health (MH) and voluntary family planning (FP) programs by promoting evidence-based approaches. MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics (MSSFPO) is a new project that is part of the USAID-funded MOMENTUM suite of awards. MSSFPO seeks to accelerate reductions in maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity by increasing the capacity of national plans to reflect the use of evidence-based high-quality interventions for the provision of safe emergency surgical obstetric services (CEmONC) including  difficult removal of LARCs, prevention of female genital fistula; and prevention and treatment of GBV while embedding gender, youth, and social inclusion (GYSI) into interventions.
EngenderHealth leads MSSFPO and IntraHealth is one of the key partners along with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. Working closely with other MSSFPO partners and SpeakUp Africa, an organization who leads the Oagadougou Partnership Coordinating Unit, IntraHealth is coordinating work with a consultant or team of consultants in year one of MSSFPO to provide guidance and support to Ougadougou Parnership (OP) members to integrate surgical family planning (FP) topics, guidance, or approaches into costed implementation plans (CIPs).
CIPs provide a national-level framework for FP priorities for OP members and integration of surgical FP will both strengthen CIPs overall aims and may help combat widespread lack knowledge and misconceptions about FP permanent methods (PMs); improve access to the full range of voluntary FP methods may decrease dissatisfaction and discontinuation, preventing unwanted pregnancies and potentially unsafe childbearing; better address issues of poor insertion techniques deeply inserted implants; and help expand opportunities to integrate FP into antenatal care, before fistula treatment, or post-partum care to ensure women have their chosen method of FP before discharge.
This consultancy is focused on reviewing all nine OP CIPs and develop and implement a review methodology that can be used across the CIPs. To ensure that recommendations from the review are relevant for each CIP, the consultant will take into consideration the context in each country by reviewing existing resources and in some cases consulting with key stakeholders, to identify the primary barriers and opportunities that would guide inclusion of a safe surgical and PM focus in the CIPs. In some cases, CIPsreference national-level strategies and guidance documents, and it will need to be determined on an individual basis if these documents will need to be reviewed.
The consultant is responsible for the following activities:

  • Summarizing the situational context/background of each OP member as it relates surgical FP care (male and female sterilization, implants and IUDs in interval, postpartum and postabortion periods)
  • Developing and testing a review methodology for the CIPs, including a checklist for the review
  • Using this methodology, to assess coverage of surgical FP into CIPs
  • Documenting in a report where and how improvements can be made for each OP member country
  • Summarizing suggestions for each OP member in a PowerPoint presentation
  • Share and discuss the suggestions in the PPT with select stakeholders in each country
  • Developing strategies for supporting integration of surgical FP priorities into selected CIPs

The consultant is responsible for the following deliverables in alignment with the responsibilities above:

  1. Situational context report
  2. CIPs collected
  3. Review methodology developed
  4. Review methodology rested for 3 countries
  5. Review completed for remaining 6 countries
  6. Review documented in a report and as a summary PowerPoint presentation, including development of a strategy and roadmap for integration of surgical FP priorities into CIPs for each country

The estimated level of effort is a total of 57 days during the period of June through August with timeline provided below:

# Task
June July Aug
1 Context analysis for each OP member (2 days per country ) 18 days
2 CIPS collected (1 day per country ) 3 days 6 days
3 Review methodology (including reporting template for findings and suggested strategies) designed (1 day), and modified (0.5 day) based on findings from testing 1 day 0.5 day
4 Review methodology tested for 3 CIPS (2.5 days per country including report writing) 7.5 days
4 Review and reporting completed for remaining 6 countries 15 days
5 PowerPoint presentations developed for each country to summarize the findings (0.5 days per country) 4.5 days
6 Minutes produced for country-focused discussions with select CIP stakeholders 1.5

We anticipate that most of the desk review can be conducted at consultant’s home and/or remotely where online meetings or interviews will need to be conducted with key informants from each country.
The primary contact for this consultancy at IntraHealth will be Jen Snell, Senior Technical Manager at IntraHealth HQ and the contact for technical aspects will be Dr. Levent Cagatay, Regional Clinical Quality Advisor at EngenderHealth. .
It is envisaged that the assignment will be conducted by a consultant with the requisite combination of skills, expertise and experience to carry out the CIPs review.

  • In-depth knowledge of family planning policy and programming in Francophone West Africa;
  • Knowleddge in the social barriers and norms in OP countries
  • Master’s in public health and/or a Medical degree with solid clinical background and understanding of safe surgery, fistula, FP/RMNCH+N integration, and LARCs;
  • At least ten (10) years of experience in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of FP programs, preference for experience in FP policy and programming projects and in conducting literature and desk reviews;
  • Good writing and synthesis skills;
  • Strong knowledge of the health systems and understanding of policy documents in the OP countries
  • Good understanding of and knowledge of local cultures and languages ​​and the social context of OP countries;
  • Strong preference for a person of origin and resident in OP countries;
  • Fluent in French required, and proficient in English.

Qualified candidates should submit the following documents via IntraHealth portal link by June 22nd, 2021.
CV and Cover letter
Biodata form
Technical proposal
2 reports written within the previous 5 years


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