Chief Communications Officer at Kyaro Assistive Tech

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Chief Communications Officer at Kyaro Assistive Tech,Nafasi za Kazi Kyaro Assistive Tech, Chief Communications Officer, Employment Opportunities
Title: Communications Lead
Location: Arusha, Tanzania
Deadline: 20th December 2021

About Kyaro Assistive Tech
Kyaro is a NGO startup that designs and manufactures assistive devices for the
sub-saharan african market. It is our mission to provide devices that are appropriate to
our users’ environments, as affordable as possible, and appealing to our users and the
people they interact with.
Our devices are set apart by our collaborative design process. Many assistive devices
used in sub-saharan Africa are designed for other markets, and are thus not durable or
safe. We design with our users in Africa to ensure that we meet the unique needs of
their environments and disabilities.
At Kyaro, we strive for a culture of quality collaboration, mutual respect and empathy,
and creativity. As an organization that practices collaborative design and has employees
from multiple continents, tribes, and social backgrounds, respectful and fruitful
collaboration across personal and cultural differences is our guiding principle.
For more information, visit:

Role description
The Chief Communications Officer will be the first person to hold this role at Kyaro, and
will be responsible for developing a cohesive and longtime plan for fundraising and
advertising, in collaboration with the CEO and CTO.
This role will make you a steering member of a new, rapidly growing organization. The
potential for impact in the greater Tanzanian community is enormous.
Responsibilities will include
Planning the organization’s long-term marketing and fundraising strategies
Planning the organization’s social media presence
Making social media posts
Graphic design of advertisements, fundraising documents, and website assets
Photography of products and interactions with customers

Upkeep of our Square space website, which will require little to no coding
Further development of our branding guide
Writing and editing blog posts for our website
Required skills
Degree or diploma in related field
Experience in marketing and/or fundraising
Exceptional fluency in english and swahili
Proficiency with Adobe Illustrator or equivalent software
Strong proficiency with word processors, powerpoint software, and photo editing
Ability to collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and knowledge areas
Demonstrated ability to manage complex projects and coordinate the work of
other staff
Well-organized and able to keep records up-to-date and accurate
Able to provide thoughtful feedback on projects

Additional useful skills
Experience with professional photography
Experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors
Experience working with user-centered design
Experience working with disabled people or in disability studies
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[email protected]

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