Can You Claim Previous Year’s Tax Returns SARS in South Africa?

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Are Tax Returns from Previous Years Eligible for Claims?,Can You Claim Previous Year’s Tax Returns?,Can You Claim Previous Year’s Tax Returns SARS in South Africa?

Can You Claim Previous Year’s Tax Returns SARS in South Africa?


Learn everything you need to know to file your tax returns for the prior year with the help of this article.


Is it possible to file for refunds from prior tax years?

Tax refunds from prior years can be requested from SARS.


If a taxpayer has not already done so, they may file a tax return to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for any prior years for which they were not assessed.

Claiming tax refunds from a prior year follows the same format as regular tax returns.

SARS requests that taxpayers file their tax returns via eFiling or another approved method and include all necessary documentation.

Taxpayers should keep in mind that the window of opportunity to request a refund is time-limited.

After three years have passed from the date the assessment was given, you can no longer file a new claim.

Individuals who are taxpayers and whose annual pre-tax income from a single employer is less than R350 000.

Those who only receive a wage from their employer are not required to file a tax return if they do not have any other sources of income or deductions to report.

If a taxpayer has questions about whether or not they need to file a tax return with SARS, they can dial 0800 00 7277 to speak with a representative.

If you discover that you are entitled to a tax refund from a prior fiscal year, you can do so by visiting the SARS eFiling website at



Are back tax refunds possible?

The South African Revenue Service is the agency to contact if you need to claim a tax refund from a prior year (SARS).

In case you overestimated your tax liability and paid too much, or the improbable happened and you overpaid taxes on an amount that has since decreased, you may be eligible for a refund.

If this is the case, you can submit a refund request by filing your tax return for that year and attaching any supporting documentation.

It’s important to remember that there could be a lengthy waiting time and filing requirements associated with claiming a refund for a prior tax year.

Remember that filing your tax return within the allotted time frame is essential to receiving a refund for taxes paid in a prior year.

Typically, you have five years from the date of evaluation before that deadline expires.



How far back in time can an individual file their taxes?

In South Africa, a tax claim has a 5-year window beginning on the assessment date to be filed with SARS.

If you believe you overpaid your taxes or paid an amount that has since lowered, please contact us immediately.

After the assessment has been made, but within the first five years, you can file an updated tax return.

Taxpayers should take aware that there is a 5-year time limit on filing a refund claim.

But this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your money back during the 5-year grace period. To the contrary, you can only receive a refund if you meet the SARS requirements for a payment.


Is it possible to deduct expenses from a prior year?

With SARS, you can take a deduction for an expense that occurred in the prior calendar year.

An example would be if you have a legitimate company expense from a prior year that you forgot to include on your tax return.

In that instance, you can file an amended tax return to get the amount written off.

You must file an amended tax return for the prior tax year along with the required documentation in order to claim a deduction for that year.

It’s vital to remember that some expenses can’t be deducted at all, and that whether or not they can depends on the nature of the item and whether or not it satisfies SARS’s eligibility condition for that category.




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