Can I study at UNISA if I don’t have a Matric?

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Can I study at UNISA if I don’t have a Matric?

Can I study at UNISA if I don’t have a Matric?

The University of South Africa (UNISA), which people often just call “Unisa,” has more students than any other university in South Africa. It brings in one-third of all South African college students. UNISA has more than 400,000 students, including international students from 130 countries. This makes it one of the world’s mega universities and the only one of its kind in Africa.

As a comprehensive university, Unisa offers both academic and vocational programs. Many of these programs have international accreditation, and Unisa has a large geographic footprint. This means that their students are recognized and can find work in many countries around the world. The university has graduated many famous South Africans, such as Nelson Mandela, who was the first democratically elected president of South Africa, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who won the Nobel Peace Prize.


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Can I study at UNISA if I don’t have a Matric?

Can I study at UNISA if I don’t have a Matric? The quick answer is no, you cannot. However, the following measures can be taken to ensure that you can study at UNISA without a Matric in the future:


  1. Examine the admission requirements for all UNISA programmes.
  2. Take additional effort to consider courses with lower entry requirements.
  3. Do the necessary work to meet the entry requirements (for example, upgrading your Matric marks or gain your Adult Matric)
  4. Make sure your application includes at least two options.
  5. Consider higher certificate or diploma courses as alternatives to a degree.
  6. Examine certificate and diploma programs that can lead to degree alternatives – that is, programs that are on the same level as a degree.


You may be concerned about your future employment possibilities if you do not have a matriculation. But keep in mind that you don’t have to begin with a university degree! Starting with a certificate or diploma can jumpstart your career and provide you with valuable job experience as you advance your education.


Remember that there are alternatives to UNISA.

If you do not have a matric certificate, UNISA is not your sole choice for distance learning studies. You can, however, take a lower level course that will grant you admission to a degree course later, allowing you to begin your job right away.

Here is a list of accredited private distance education colleges where you can study without a matriculation:

  • Bellview Institute
  • Matric College
  • Ember Academy
  • Skills Academy


A UNISA degree typically takes 8 years to complete.

That is a long time to wait before you may apply to begin working in your desired profession! A Unisa degree can take up to 8 years to finish, which may be too long for some.

If you begin with a diploma program, you will obtain your first certificate in around a year and will be able to apply for jobs in your profession 7 years before someone who begins a university degree today!


Alternative Qualifications Available Without a Matric

We recommend Institute of Chartered Bookkeeping (ICB) and Certified Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA) courses for those looking to study without a matric.


Qualifications for the ICB Diploma

You can begin learning with ICB as early as grade 10! And the last qualification advances you two levels beyond matriculation. As a result, an ICB qualification is ideal for any student who does not have a matriculation.

ICB certifications are available in the following study areas:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Office Administration
  • Business Management

Each of these diploma courses is divided into three or four levels. The BEST part is that you can acquire your first qualification after only a few subjects. You will have obtained three or four qualifications by the time you acquire your diploma!


With a UNISA degree, you only receive your diploma once you have completed all of your subjects. And that is normally between 32 and 40 subjects, which will take you 8 to 10 years to complete if you are a typical student working full-time!


Consider completing your first certification in a year and then applying for a junior office post to gain work experience while continuing your education!

CIMA Certifications
There are no entry requirements for CIMA, and it is similarly divided into levels, with qualifications along the way, like CIMA.


CIMA certification is exclusively available in management accounting. So, if you want to work as an accountant, this is ideal. There are fantastic, well-paying career prospects available, and there is a severe scarcity of skilled workers in this industry, making it much easier to obtain work once certified.


Another fantastic advantage is that the CIMA qualification is both worldwide and regionally recognized. Finally, a CIMA qualification is an excellent substitute for a university degree and is on the same intellectual level. It also gives you access to ACCA qualifications, which can help you advance your career even further.


I Still Want to Study at UNISA Despite Not Having a Matric Certificate

If you are an adult, you should try ABET, which is appropriate for anyone with a basic education below Grade 9. Adult Basic Education Training is abbreviated as ABET.


With an ABET Level 4 certification, you can proceed to the next phase in your Unisa education: obtaining your Adult Matric. You will be allowed to apply and study at Unisa once you have completed your adult matric. Alternatively, check to see whether you are eligible for certificates, bridging courses, or diplomas.

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