9 Reasons Why You Should Be Obsessed With Namjoon

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9 Reasons Why You Should Be Obsessed With Namjoon



9 Reasons Why You Should Be Obsessed With Namjoon

Did you know that the lead rapper of your favorite K-pop group is also a big fan of The Smiths? Or that he can flawlessly imitate Michael Jackson? And did you know that this same guy has just launched his own clothing brand and plans to open his first flagship store soon? Who is this guy again? If you’ve been living under a rock, Namjoon (aka Rap Monster) is the leader of one of the most successful K-pop groups today:


BTS. That’s right, we are talking about the guy with purple hair and tattoos who recently launched his own brand called AgEND^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END . If all these insider details have left you in shock, read on for 9 reasons why you should be obsessed with Namjoon (aka Rap Monster) too.

He’s a big fangirl

One of the most endearing things about Namjoon is that he’s a true fangirl at heart. He’s a big fan of The Smiths, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Radiohead, and many other artists. When you spend enough time with him, you’ll likely hear snippets of his favorite songs. He’s also a big fan of David Bowie’s work and has said that he likes to try to create art through his own music. So, while he may be the lead vocalist of BTS, he’s not one to shy away from the fact that he’s also a creative soul.


He has an eye for art and design

The BTS leader is also known to be an avid art enthusiast. He’s got a keen eye for design and has collaborated with brands such as W Hotels, Converse, and BEN PH.


He’s also got a taste for art that he has been quietly collecting from the start of the band’s career. He’s been featured in Talks Magazine and was hailed as the new “Connoisseur.” His eye for art and design has since expanded to include architecture, fashion, and other creative ventures.


He’s a K-pop trailblazer

We all know that Namjoon was the first member of BTS. He was the one who held auditions to form the band, which was a really risky move at the time. It was a bold decision to start a K-pop boyband with no experience in the field. However, as we now know, he made the right decision.

Since then, many other K-pop acts have followed his lead and now there’s no turning back. BTS has successfully transcended the K-pop genre to become a global phenomenon. They are the first K-pop group to break into the Forbes list for the highest-earning celebrities in the world. The group also broke records for most views in 24 hours by a debut artist on YouTube and most Twitter engagements for a single post. And to top it all off, BTS is the first and only Korean artist to have ever been awarded a BBMA.


He speaks out against social issues — especially for the marginalized

BTS’ music is known for tackling social issues such as youth, mental health, and gender inequality. These topics are not exactly light and fun, but the band approaches them in a way that’s not preachy or overbearing. In fact, many of their songs are danceable pop tunes that are easy to listen to.


So, while you are enjoying the music, you are also being subtly introduced to important themes and issues. Namjoon is known to be the most socially conscious member of the group. He is vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community and gender equality. He has been a staunch advocate for the rights of sexual minorities since his college days when he was a member of an underground student organization that aimed to create awareness about social issues. He has also been an outspoken voice regarding the issue of illegal architectural modifications in South Korea and the safety hazards they pose to residents.


He’s a proud Korean

Namjoon is not just proud to be a K-pop artist. He is proud to be a Korean too. He’s not afraid to speak out about the international response to the ongoing tensions between North Korea and South Korea. He has openly talked about the ongoing tensions between North and South Korea and the role of his country, South Korea, in helping to bring peace and stability to the region. As a proud Korean, he hopes to create a platform to help cool the rising tensions between the two nations. He has also been an ambassador for the “Love Yourself” campaign of the South Korean government.


He’s got ink and tons of it!

BTS’ Namjoon is known for his penchant for getting tattoos. He’s got a sleeve on his left arm and another on his right arm. His tattoos are not just for aesthetic value or for the sake of being edgy. He’s got a message behind each one of them.


He’s got a Jim Morrison poem on one arm and a dedication to his late grandmother on the other. He’s also got a portrait of his mother, father, and sister. He’s also got a poem from Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade on his arm, which reads: “I want to see things as they are, not as I wish them to be.”


He’s got a passion for fashion and a new clothing brand

BTS’ leader is also a fashionista at heart. He’s got a style that’s both edgy and chic. He’s got a closet full of designer clothes and shoes, ranging from Alexander Wang to Louis Vuitton.


He’s collaborated with brands like Converse, W Hotels, and BEN PH where he’s helped design and create his own unique outfits. He’s also got a new clothing brand called AgEND^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END^^END. His new brand will be a mix between streetwear and high-end fashion. You can expect lots of bold designs and edgy cuts from this new brand.


He gives back to his community

Namjoon is a very generous and kind-hearted person who has given back to his community and given back to the arts. He has worked with UNICEF and created a Children’s Day theme song with BTS. He’s also been a long-time supporter of the Sewol Families for Truth and Justice organization.


He’s also been an avid proponent of the arts. He believes that the arts are one of the most important things in society. He’s been to art museums around the world and even owns his own art collection.


His passion for fashion is real

Although not everyone is born with a passion for fashion, you can tell that Namjoon has got the eye for it. His taste in clothing is not your typical K-pop star look.


He’s got a style that’s very edgy and modern with a subtle street vibe. His interest in fashion is not just something he randomly started when his band became famous. He’s been interested in fashion since his college days. He’s admitted to owning a large collection of clothes and having a passion for fashion since childhood. He confessed that he used to love peeking into his parents’ closet as a child and trying on their clothes.



Namjoon is a multitalented artist who’s got a passion for fashion and music. He’s a big fangirl and an avid art collector. He’s got an eye for design and is a K-pop trailblazer. He’s also a proud Korean, a socially conscious advocate, and a philanthropist. He’s an artist with many talents and an eye for fashion. He’s got a passion for music and a love for fashion. He’s got tattoos and a lot of ink. He’s a true BTS fan and you can be his fan too!

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