8 Job Opportunities at Hospitali Teule Shirati Rorya

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8 Job Opportunities at Hospitali Teule Shirati Rorya

Shirati is a town in Rorya District in North Mara, Tanzania on the shore above Lake Victoria, near the border with Kenya. It has a population of c. 100,000 It is the northernmost town at the border with Kenya at is located in Royra District. Most of the residents of Shirati are DhoLuo speaking people Nilotes.


Suba people, a subbranch of Bantu communities who adopted Luo customs, language, and practices also live in Shirati. Similarly, Shirati has a substantial number of Westerners who work at the mission at Kabwana – translated into “the white people’s home” from Luo.



Rorya District is a district in Mara Region, United Republic of Tanzania. The district capital is the small town of Ingri Juu,[1] while the largest town is Shirati. The district was created in 2007 from a part of Tarime District.It is bordered by Tarime District to the east, Butiama District to the south, Lake Victoria to the west, and the Republic of Kenya to the north. The majority of inhabitants are from the Luo tribe. Other ethnic group is Kurya. Kine, Simbiti,Sweta and Hacha are sub-groups within Kurya ethnic group.

According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Rorya District was 265,241

Rorya District is among the newly established councils, which commenced official on 1 July 2007. It emerged from division of Tarime District Council. The district is in the north of Tanzania and lies between latitudes 1°00″ – 1°45″ south of the Equator and longitudes 33° 30″ – 35° 0″ east of the Meridian.

Rorya district has two agro-economical zones — the midlands and low lands. The zones are between approximately attitudes 800mm and 1200mm with temperature varying from 14° C to 30° C.The annual rainfall ranges between 700mm and 1200mm. The district is bordered by the Republic of Kenya to the North, Tarime District to the east, Musoma District to the south and Lake Victoria to the Western side. Rorya District has a total area of 9,345 square kilometers.

According to the housing census of 2002, the district had 217,176 people of which 101,907 are males and 115,269 are females. The average growth rate was 2.8% as from 1998 to 2002.


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