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AzamPay is specialized in the development of end-to-end online payment management solutions for companies operating in East Africa.

Our range of digital solutions and services are carefully designed not only to streamline your payment and collection processes, but to also allow easy integration with your current Accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems thus leaving you time to focus on your customers.

AzamPay offers bespoke solutions that guarantee optimal business performance and efficiency whether you are transacting locally, regionally, or internationally. We strive to consistently improve our products to better meet the needs of a dynamic East African payments environment.AzamPay Menu | Azam pay Sarafu – Azam Pay Contacts

As an AzamPay client, you will be able to leverage your presence across East Africa and extend your services regionally. Remember, we endeavour to follow you throughout your business adventure!


The fast link from order, payment, to delivery.

Order2Cash is a mobile application available on Android (iOS coming soon). This application simplifies the ordering process for enterprise businesses seeking to streamline and integrate payments from their customers – with the broader ordering, fulfilment, accounting and customer management processes.

With Order2Cash, once a payment is effected, the orders will not only be automatically loaded on your ERP system for processing, and delivery but the payments will also be instantly allocated on your billing system.

 Key Features:

  • Instant push notifications functionality to secure order and effect payment
  • Easy API-based integration with other Ordering and Billing systems
  • Orders and payments are updated in real time
  • Sales support is available to train clients on using Order2Cash
  • Major banks are registered to facilitate payment
  • Can be white labelled
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 What does this mean for your customers and you?

  • Reduce lead time from order to processing to delivery
  • Orders can be placed anywhere, at any time
  • Eliminate manual entry of orders, billing, and allocation

For more information, contact our team on (255) 800-785-555 or



Turn your data into competitive advantage.

We all know data is the new oil. However, putting the wrong oil in the wrong engine yields poor results. How can you turn your data into key insights that drive the right decisions for your business?

Our Business Intelligence Service supports custom-tailored data analytics solutions that assess your business data and determine how it can be used to drive results for your bottom line. We are particularly experienced in building data models that meet the processing and analytics needs of African businesses.

Our Data Scientists have built first-class business intelligence models using the latest technology for the purpose of driving C-Level decision making. We can provide you with historical, current, and predictive analytics of your different business functions including, but not limited, to marketing, sales, and operations.

Once we have gathered and processed your data, our Business Intelligence system automates mathematical and computational sciences, and suggests decision options available to you. AzamPay Menu | Azam pay Sarafu – Azam Pay Contacts 

Key Features:

  • Tailor-made to fit your exact requirements
  • Cost-effective solution as you only pay for modules relevant to your business
  • Limitless amounts of structured or unstructured data can be handled at any single time
  • Information from different data sources are merged to avoid duplication
  • Data models draw on a variety of statistical techniques including data mining, predictive modelling, and machine learning
  • Periodical and/or ad hoc reports and real-time dashboards are available in different formats
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What does this mean for your business? You will be able to:

  • Access factual information to assist you in your operational and strategic decision-making process
  • Gain key insights to identify new business opportunities
  • Improve your customer journey to encourage brand loyalty
  • Create a competitive edge and ensure long-term profitability

For more information on our Business Intelligence Service, contact our sales team on (230) 468-6482 or


Manage your digital payments better.

AzamPay‘s Collect & Disburse solution is an API-based payment collection and disbursement platform that was developed using the latest technologies to aggregate payments from your clients, on your behalf, after going through an automated process of allocation and reconciliation.

Whether you accept payments from Mobile Network Operators, Banks, and/or Third Party-Wallet providers AzamPay: Collect & Disburse guarantees disbursement of collected funds into your account within 24 hours.

With AzamPay: Collect & Disburse, we understand the complications that surround exceptions processing in payments. To address this issue, we developed a robust refund mechanism that reverses funds to your customers’ accounts while simultaneously updating financial records. This means less time chasing problems and more time focusing on delivering value to your customers.

Key Features:

  • A single-user dashboard to manage your consolidated payments
  • Automatic system upgrades and software improvements
  • Fully integrated, robust, and customizable reporting functionality
  • Wide range of options for accepting and aggregating payments across East Africa, including Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. (Kenya launching soon)

 How can we add value to your business?

  • Boost productivity by automating laborious manual processes
  • Reduce staff involved in collection, allocation, and reconciliation
  • Eliminate cost and headaches around system development and maintenance
  • Access to the latest payments processing technologies at no additional cost
  • Improve customer experience including refund management speed and accuracy
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For more information, contact our sales team on (255) 677-822-222


Simple, fast and safe for online businesses

The AzamPay Card Acceptance solution is an online payment processing platform that allows you to process credit card payments securely from your customers.

Our team of experts has focused on developing a fully optimized single API to cater for e-commerce businesses operating in Tanzania.

Key Features:

  • 3D Secure Payment Processing
  • Gateway fully compliant with PCI DSS V3.2.1
  • A single Open API approach for an efficient integration
  • Multi-Channel Processing – Accept Payments seamlessly on different channels (Online or Mobile Devices)
  • Support Visa and MasterCard
  • Access to a user-friendly gateway with a Merchant Back Office interface
  • Support one time or recurring payment model
  • Fully integrated, robust, and customizable reporting functionality


How does it add value to your business:

  • You can transact securely at all times
  • Our suite of payment solutions offers a seamless experience to your customers and you when it comes to acquiring online and mobile payments
  • There is only a flat fee across all support costs and no hidden fee to merchants


Integrate this solution with our Collect & Disburse platform to manage all your payments and make reconciliation swifter.

For more information, contact our sales team on (255) 677-822-222 or


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