Kikosi Cha Yanga SC vs Biashara United 23 May 2022 Official Line Up

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Kikosi Cha Yanga SC vs Biashara United 23 May 2022 Official Line Up, Kikosi Cha Yanga Dhidi ya Biashara United May 23, 2022 .


Kikosi Cha Yanga SC vs Biashara United 23 May 2022 Official Line Up

Young Africans Sports Club, also known as Yanga, is a Tanzanian football club headquartered in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam. The club was founded in 1935 and plays its home games at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.



Wananchi” (Citizens) and “Yanga” (Young Boys) are their nicknames. Young Africans is one of Tanzania’s two largest clubs, with Simba. The team has won 22 league titles and numerous domestic cups, as well as competing in multiple editions of the CAF Champions League. They are also one of East Africa’s most powerful clubs, having won the CECAFA Club Championship five times.

Africans loved the club, and it became a symbol of the anti-colonial movement. Young Africans became linked with nationalists and independence warriors, prompting the political group TANU to make yellow and green its major colors. Young Africans is Tanzania’s most successful and powerful football club. The club is currently undergoing a change that will see investors hold 49 percent of the club and club members own 51 percent.

The club has a long-running rivalry with Simba, with whom they compete in the Dar es Salaam (also known as Kariakoo) derby. One of the most famous African derbies, the rivalry was placed fifth.


The club’s origins can be traced back to the 1910s, but the club’s official history dates from 1935, when Dar es Salaam residents, who were classified as Africans by the Tanganyika colonial administration, decided to form a football club to compete in a league dominated by “non-African” football clubs. The club’s first name, according to legend, is New Young. Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC took its place later, and the name was subsequently changed to Young Africans Sports Club.

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Members of the club squabbled over their team’s poor performance and results after it was founded in 1935. In 1936, the club’s performance was much worse, prompting some of its members to split up and start a new squad. Arabs were the proponents of the split, and they considered it as their duty to incite conflict among the club’s members. They were successful, and they founded Queens F.C. with the help of dissidents (currently Simba). Simba and Young Africans have been rivals since then. The teams form the most exciting fight in the Sub-Saharan region, the eye-catching furious and perennially ranked among the top five most talked about African football derbies.


Yanga has agreed to work for La Liga as a consultant in 2020.


The club’s members agreed on May 27 to modify the club’s governing structure to accept private investments from other companies. ( Kikosi Cha Yanga SC vs Biashara United 23 May 2022 Official Line Up )


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