Hungary Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures,Results and Table Standings

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Hungary Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures,Results and Table Standings

The Nemzeti Bajnokság (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈnɛmzɛti ˈbɒjnokʃaːɡ], “National Championship”), also known as NB I, is the top level of the Hungarian football league system. The league is officially named OTP Bank Liga after its title sponsor OTP Bank. UEFA currently ranks the league 28th in Europe.


Hungary Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

Hungary Premier League 2022/2023 Results

May 15, 2022
MTK Budapest 3 - 0 Debreceni VSC
Kisvárda 2 - 1 Zalaegerszegi TE
Puskas 1 - 2 Budapest Honvéd FC
May 14, 2022
Fehervar 2 - 2 Paksi SE
Gyirmót 1 - 2 Ferencvaros
May 13, 2022
Mezőkövesd-Zsóry 2 - 3 Ujpest
May 8, 2022
Ujpest 1 - 1 Fehervar
Zalaegerszegi TE 0 - 1 Gyirmót
Paksi SE 0 - 1 Kisvárda
May 7, 2022
Ferencvaros 0 - 3 MTK Budapest
Budapest Honvéd FC 0 - 0 Mezőkövesd-Zsóry
Debreceni VSC 1 - 1 Puskas
May 5, 2022
Kisvárda 2 - 1 Ujpest
May 4, 2022
Ferencvaros 5 - 3 Zalaegerszegi TE
MTK Budapest 0 - 0 Puskas
Gyirmót 3 - 3 Paksi SE
May 3, 2022
Fehervar 2 - 0 Budapest Honvéd FC
Mezőkövesd-Zsóry 0 - 1 Debreceni VSC
May 1, 2022
Ujpest 2 - 2 Gyirmót
Zalaegerszegi TE 2 - 3 MTK Budapest

Hungary Premier League 2022/2023 Table Standings

Team MP W D L F A G P
Ferencvaros 33 22 5 6 60 31 +29 71
Kisvárda 33 16 11 6 50 34 +16 59
Puskas 33 14 12 7 43 34 +9 54
Fehervar 33 13 9 11 48 43 +5 48
Ujpest 33 12 8 13 50 48 +2 44
Paksi SE 33 12 7 14 75 63 +12 43
Debreceni VSC 33 10 9 14 45 52 -7 39
Zalaegerszegi TE 33 10 9 14 44 58 -14 39
Budapest Honvéd FC 33 10 8 15 48 51 -3 38
Mezőkövesd-Zsóry 33 10 8 15 37 49 -12 38
MTK Budapest 33 9 9 15 28 50 -22 36
Gyirmót 33 7 11 15 34 49 -15 32


Twelve teams compete in the league, playing each other three times, once at home, once away, and the third match is played at the stadium that the last match was not played at. At the end of the season, the top team enters the qualification for the UEFA Champions League, while the runner-up and the third place, together with the winner of the Hungarian Cup enter the UEFA Europa League qualification round. The bottom two clubs are relegated to Nemzeti Bajnokság II, the second-level league, to be replaced by the winner and the runner up of the NB2.

The first championship in 1901 was contested by BTC, MUE, FTC, Műegyetemi AFC, and Budapesti SC, with the latter winning the championship. Although the two first championships were won by Budapesti TC, the other titles that decade were won by FTC and MTK.


In the 1910s and 1920s, the championship was dominated by Ferencváros and MTK.[
In the 1930s, the rivalry between Ferencváros and MTK Budapest expanded with another club, Újpest FC (at that time not part of Budapest). One of the most iconic figures of the 1930s Hungarian football was Újpest’s Zsengellér who managed to top goalscorer three times in a row in the 1930s.


Ferencváros’s Sárosi and MTK Budapest’s Cseh and Újpest’s Zsengellér were the embodiment of the rivalry of the three clubs from Budapest, named Budapest derby.
In the 1940s, Csepel could win its first title which was followed by two other titles in 1942 and 1943.During the World War II, there were no interruptions in the Hungarian league. Due to the expansion of the territories of the country, new clubs could re-join the league such as Nagyvárad and Kolozsvár.The second half of the 1940s was dominated by Újpest by winning the championship in 1945, 1946, and 1947.

Ferenc Puskás scored 352 goals in 341 matches for Honvéd

In the 1950s, the dominance of Ferencváros and MTK weakened by the emergence of Honvéd with players such as Puskás, Bozsik,Czibor, and Budai.Later these players played in the final of the 1954 FIFA World Cup. In the 1950s, Honvéd could win the championship five times. During the early 1950s, Honvéd players formed the backbone of the legendary Mighty Magyars. In 1956, the Hungarian league was suspended due to the Hungarian Revolution. The league was led by Honvéd after 21 rounds but the championship has never been finished.In the first season (1955-56) of the European Cup, MTK Budapest reached the quarter-finals while in the 1957-58 season Vasas Budapest played in the semi-finals of the European Cup.
Vasas won four titles in the 1960s (1960/61, 1961/62, 1965, and 1966).

Ferencváros legend Albert with Vasas legend Mészöly in the 1960s

Ujpest dominated the 1970s, winning seven titles.
In 1982, Győr won the championship becoming the first non-Budapest team who could win the Hungarian league (except Nagyvárad during the World War II). Győr could repeat the triumph in the following year in 1983. However, the 1980s was dominated by Honvéd who celebrated its second heyday during the 1980s.
Due to the collapse of communism, Hungarian football clubs lost the support of the state. Therefore, many clubs were faced with financial problems the effects of which are still present in Hungarian football. However, the 1990s were still dominated by the ‘traditional’ clubs of the championships such as Ferencváros, MTK and Újpest. Ferencváros always finished in the top three, except for the 1993–94 season, when they finished 4th. The financial problems affected the performance of the clubs outside the Hungarian League as well. Hungarian clubs could not compete with their European counterparts. Moreover, the Bosman ruling also had a deep impact on the Hungarian League. Since big European clubs could invest loads of money into football, clubs from the Eastern Bloc were restricted to employing only home nationals.
In the 2000s, new clubs became champions, mainly from rural Hungary. In 2002, Bozsik’s Zalaegerszeg won the championship.Debrecen won the Hungarian league in 2005,2006,2007, 2009,and 2010. In 2008 MTK could win.
The dominance of the rural clubs continued in the 2010s. In 2011and 2015, Székesfehérvár’s Videoton won the championship. In 2013,Győr and in 2014,Debrecen could win the Hungarian League title.

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