2022 KCPE Results Check Online Your Results Easily

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2022 KCPE Results Check Online Your Results Easily


2022 KCPE Results Check Online Your Results Easily

The Kenya National Examinations Council is the government body in Kenya that is in charge of national exams. Professor John Onsati is in charge of it right now. The Kenya National Examinations Council Act Cap 225A of the Laws of Kenya created this council in 1980.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam results for 2022 have been made public.

Online, you can now see the results. Candidates who took the test can find out how they did in three ways:

  1. The KNEC SMS code is 20076.
  2. Using a website for KNEC
  3. Visiting your school


By using SMS code 20076 to check the KCPE results for 2022

This is the best and fastest way to see what the results are.

Send your Index Number in an SMS message to 20076 to get your KCPE results for 2022.

The service is available through Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom, which are the three network providers in the country.


Format: IndexNumberKCPE is how you should send the SMS.

Don’t put a space between the Index number and KCPE. Also, write KCPE in capital letters.

Each text message costs Sh.25.



To use this method to check 2022 results, you only need to remember your index number and get to your phone or computer.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Check out the KNEC website (knec.ac.ke)
  • Look for the tab called “KCPE Results” and click on it.
  • Choose the year you took the Tests.Enter the number on your Index.
  • Click the “Submit” button to send the form.
  • After a while, your KCPE scores should show up on the screen.

Going to a former elementary school

Lastly, candidates can go to their old schools a day after the official release of the KCPE 2022 results to check their scores.

Downloading the full results of the school
After the results have been released, you can get the full list at http://www.knec-portal.ac.ke.

Results of Exams Are Made Public
The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) wants to make sure that all institutions that send students to the KNEC exams know the following:

Slips and printed copies of exam results
Each institution that sends a candidate to the KNEC exams will get a hard copy of the institution’s examination results printout and result slips, which include the following information:

1. The code and name of the institution
This is at the top left of the printed page. The institution’s code is a unique number that lets the Council figure out where an exam is being given.

This is the number that any institution that talks to KNEC should always use.

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2. Information on candidates

Under the name and code of the school are details about the candidates. Among these details are the candidate’s index number, the year of the test, the candidate’s gender, the grades for each subject, and the average grade.

The most important things about the test results are as follows:

X – represents an absent candidate. A candidate is considered absent if he or she did not take any or all of the tests. But for the KCPE exam results, the symbol AB means that the candidate wasn’t there, and the symbol Y- means that the candidate did something wrong during the exam.


For the KCPE exam results, the symbol “00” means that something is wrong; “P-” means that the candidate’s exam results have been put on hold because of a violation of the entry requirements for the exam, such as using the wrong KCPE details to get into the KCSE exam; and “W-” means that the candidate’s exam results have been put on hold because the candidate is suspected of cheating on the exam and investigations are still going on.

U- means that the exam results were not graded because the awards criteria were not met.

Grades and what they mean

If a student misses all of their classes, their average grade will be X.
If one or more classes are dropped, the mean grade will be Y.
If you don’t meet the requirements to take the KCSE exam, you’ll get a mean grade of U.
If the course requirements for the Teacher Education, Business, and Technical exams are not met, the mean grade will be CRNM.
If results are pending, the average grade will be P.
If the test results are kept secret, the average grade will be W;
At the same time that the exam results are released, the Sub County Director of Education sends the details of pended, withheld, and irregularities to the institution. The institution gets these details at the same time as the exam results.

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Certificates Given Out
Once the certificates for a certain exam are ready to be picked up or sent, KNEC will let the institutions know through the mass and print media, the Sub County Directors of Education, and/or the heads of institutions:

All certificates for regular candidates are given out by the Heads of Schools/Institutions, and all certificates for private candidates are given out by the Sub County Directors of Education.

The Kenya National Examinations Council has the right to take back a certificate if it needs to be changed or for any other reason.

When the results of the KCPE and KCSE exams are released, the candidates will be given an SMS number that they can use to get their results.

The KCPE candidates should be able to get their result slips from the KNEC website as soon as their schools give them back after the test.

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