Wachezaji watakaoachwa Yanga 2021/2022 | Players

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Wachezaji watakaoachwa Yanga 2021/2022 | Players, Wachezaji watakaotemwa Yanga 2021/2022,Yanga watakaotolewa kwa Mkopo,  Yanga continue to strengthen their squad by registering players with great potential that will bring productivity to the Yanga squad that has missed the Mainland Premier League Championship for four consecutive seasons.
With their traditional rivals Simba taking the Championship for four years in a row which has been hurting the heads of Yanga leaders and the next season 2021/2022 to ensure they make the best registration to be able to take the Premier League Championship in Tanzania Mainland.
There have been rumors that some players may be left out of Yanga due to their seemingly insignificant ability to help the Yanga team get a positive result.
Some of the players that Yanga is clearly in trouble with are goalkeeper Metacha Mnata who has been disciplined, goalkeeper Farouk Shikalo and he may be left out of Yanga due to his ability to be normal last season.
Farouk Shikalo himself is said to be the main reason for the departure is the acquisition of an international goalkeeper from Mali, Diarra while officials are not ready to have two foreign goalkeepers so they decide to leave one
Others are Paul Godfrey and Adeyum Saleh being told they could be released, Said Makapu could also be released on loan.With the player Minister Junior also stated that he may be released on loan to get more playing space.
Wachezaji watakaoachwa

  1. Farouk Shikalo
  2. Metacha Mnata
  3. Paul Godfrey
  4. Said Makapu

Watakaotolewa kwa Mkopo | On Loan Player

  1. Waziri Junior

Ambao wameshavunjiwa Mikataba na Kuondoka | Agreed and Move

  1. Carlos Carlinho
  2. Lamine Moro
  3. Haruna Niyonzima



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