Matokeo Azam Fc vs KMKM Kagame Cup 14 August 2021

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Matokeo Azam Fc vs KMKM Kagame Cup 14 August 2021, CECAFA Kagame Cup 2021 Championship ends 14 August 2021 with two matches to be played at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium
The first match will be between Azam Fc against KMKM from Zanzibar this is a match to find the third winner of the Kagame Cup 2021
Azam Fc lost the Semi-Final match to Nyasa Big Bullets of Malawi on penalties while KMKM conceded a 2-1 defeat to Express Fc from Uganda.

Azam Fc and KMKM were one Group in the Group stage with Azam Fc in First place and KMKM in second place. In their group stage match KMKM managed to beat Azam Fc 3-2.
Azam Fc 0 – 0 KMKM
3′ Goaaaaaaal KMKM team in the third minute of the game Eyasa Mohammed gives his KMKM team the lead and makes KMKM lead ahead with 1 goal Azam Fc with nothing
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
9′ In the ninth minute of the game Azam Fc get their first corner and is the first corner in today’s game, the result is still 1 for KMKM and 0 for Azam Fc
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
11’In the 11th minute of the KMKM game they also get their First Corner but fail to make good use of it
In the 17th minute Azam Fc get Kona but fail to score, The result is still One for No, kmkm leading
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
20′ Until 20 minutes of this game is over Azam Fc despite being one goal behind at zero but they are leading by attacking KMKM gate and so far they have got a total of 5 Corners while KMKM have only one Corner so far
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
The first half ended at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium, the CECAFA Kagame Cup 2021 winners’ match,
The 3rd minute goal of the Game kmkm managed to last for 45 minutes of the Period
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
50 ‘
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
60 ‘
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
76th minute Oscar Masai of Azam Fc receives a red card immediately after playing a foul on a KMKM player from Zanzibar
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
Azam Fc 0 – 1 KMKM
KMKM representatives from Zanzibar successfully become the third winners of the CECAFA Kagame Cup 2021, Conglaturations KMKM
Azam Squad Starting against KMKM, KMKM Squad starting against Azam Fc we will put you Here.
Azam Fc Starting Line Up against KMKM
The direct result between Azam Fc against KMKM we will put you Here






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