10 Reasons Why Trent Alexander-Arnold is One Of Footballs Brightest Young Stars

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10 Reasons Why Trent Alexander-Arnold is One Of Footballs Brightest Young Stars



Everyone knows who the best players in the world are; Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and so on. However, hunting for players with potential is much more challenging. With so many young players plying their trade, it can be difficult to keep track of all the emerging stars.


Arnold is not one of those household names yet, but he has caught the eye with some dynamic performances for Liverpool this season. The 19-year-old made his first Premier League start against Southampton earlier this month and impressed again as a second-half substitute against Newcastle United last Saturday. With fellow Reds youngster Ben Woodburn back from injury and winger Harry Wilson returning on loan from Championship side Hull City, Klopp’s faith in youth continues to pay off handsomely. Here are 10 reasons why Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of football’s brightest young stars…

He’s got the engine of a sprinter

In modern football, with its demands of intense pressing and covering large distances, stamina is an essential part of any footballer’s make-up. There are a number of aspects to a footballer’s fitness, including speed, strength, flexibility and core stability. While Alexander-Arnold is not the fastest player in the league, he more than makes up for it with his pace of thought and his tackling ability. The teenager has the engine of a sprinter and more often than not he is the one buzzing around in the last third of the field looking to create an opportunity. His high-intensity pressing is a great asset for the Reds, in particular when coupled with his tackling ability.


He’s a versatile player

The full-back position is one of the most combative in the game and Alexander-Arnold is a real warrior on the pitch. He is equally adept at attacking as he is defending and can play any position on the right-hand side of the pitch. However, he has often been used as a centre-back or a defensive midfielder this season, as a result of Liverpool’s injury hit-squad. There is no doubting his attacking qualities, with his crossing and dribbling being his biggest strengths. However, his ability to read the game and tackle one-on-one has helped Liverpool’s defence in many matches this season. His versatility to play a different position in different phases of the game makes him a highly valuable asset for any team.


He can dribble past defenders with ease

As already mentioned, crossing is one of Alexander-Arnold’s best skills, but he is also adept at dribbling past defenders. The Englishman uses his pace, agility and strength to work his way past defenders when in attacking positions. He is adept at nutmegging oncoming defenders, leaving them on their backsides, and can swerve the ball around any defender in the league. This skill has helped him create many goal-scoring chances for his teammates, as well as netting a few spectacular goals himself. His impressive ball control and dribbling ability is what sets him apart from many other young talents in the game.


He is brave and not afraid to tackle

As previously mentioned, Alexander-Arnold is a combative player both in defence and when attacking. He is not afraid of getting stuck in and will win nearly every ball in the air, which is a great asset for any team. He is a brave defender, seldom diving in rashly, but going for the ball with his head held high. His tackling ability is superb and is one of his biggest assets. However, he is also not afraid to attack with the ball at his feet and is a great asset going forward.


The Merseyside derby is his favourite match

There are many standout matches in any season, but the one that Alexander-Arnold has earmarked as his favourite is the Merseyside derby. The young Scouser grew up supporting Liverpool and this match is the one he is really looking forward to. It is the one match that he is desperate to play in and has featured for Liverpool’s U-23s in the EFL Trophy. It is his dream to play in front of the Kop and he will be hoping to make the starting line-up for this match in the future.


Liverpool are his boyhood club and he supports them

Not only is Alexander-Arnold a fan of Liverpool but he is also a Liverpool player. This could be the start of a long and prosperous relationship between the two. He is a die-hard Liverpool fan and the club are his number one priority, above all else. The Red’s players and management are all aware of his allegiance towards the club and they have been nothing but supportive of him. Furthermore, he is a Scouser and a local lad, so he ticks every box to be a long-term success at Liverpool Football Club.


He is already one of the most reliable defenders in the league

Despite only playing five matches in the Premier League, Alexander-Arnold has already proved to be one of the most reliable defenders in the league. His pass completion rate of 89.3% is remarkably high, especially for a 19-year-old defender. He has made only one mistake leading to an opposition chance this season, a pretty impressive record for a defender, let alone a teenager. His positioning and timing in defence is superb for someone of his age. He reads the game very well and does not need to be prompted by his fellow defenders, which is a great sign for a young defender. He is always in the right place at the right time and has proved himself to be a real asset to Liverpool’s defence.



Trent Alexander-Arnold has been a revelation for Liverpool this season. He has shone in the absence of injured players and has earmarked himself as a future Liverpool captain. He has all the makings of a top-class footballer and is certainly one of the most promising youngsters in the Premier League.


He is a very versatile player and can play any position on the right-hand side of the pitch. He has the engine of a sprinter and can dribble past defenders with ease. He is brave and not afraid to tackle and is already one of the most reliable defenders in the league.


He is a die-hard Liverpool fan and has grown up supporting the Reds. He is a Scouser and a local lad, making him the perfect long-term replacement for Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.10 Reasons Why Trent Alexander-Arnold is One Of Footballs Brightest Young Stars

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